Caught on Camera: Thief Trying to Steal From a Student While Inside a Jeepney

One of the most common types of crimes not only in the country but also around the world. Despite the effort of the government in putting a stop or at least reduce the rate of crimes in the Philippines, the case of robbery still continues to increase.

The authorities are always advising the general public to be more aware and be more vigilant to avoid being victims of crooks.

Recently, a new modus operandi of a jeepney thief was unmasked online. One of the passengers was able to catch the incident on camera and is now making rounds online.

[Image Credit: Rene Soquiat / Facebook]
In the said video shared by Rene Soquiat, the male thief while performing his modus operandi was captured by the other passenger in front of him. He was trying to steal the valuables in the front packet of a young female student’s bag.

Although he attempted to steal the wallet in the student’s bag, the girl was able to immediately hide her valuables after she noticed that the male passenger was trying to steal something from her.

[Image Credit: Rene Soquiat / Facebook]
By just looking at the face of the thief, you cannot easily tell whether he is a crook or not. He was dressed smartly, as if he is going to the office. This is a warning for us that bad people come in different sizes and shapes. Not because they look kind and presentable does it mean that they cannot do something against us.

Netizens quickly reacted upon seeing the viral video. Some are angry at the man for trying to steal from the student while there are also others who are calling out the video taker and stated that instead of taking the video, he should have shouted at the thief instead.

[Image Credit: Rene Soquiat / Facebook]
Watch the video here:


What can you say about this video? It’s pretty scary to learn that thief are everywhere, right?

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