Bomb Joke Delays a Flight Bound For Manila from Dumaguete

Making a joke about finding a bomb in your luggage might be harmless and funny for some people, but it may lead to offloading, criminal records, flight bans, and life behind the bars. Over the years, passengers who made fun of bomb threats had to face serious crimes for a thing they thought might be a joke for other people, but a serious matter for the airport and the police.

Yesterday, a bomb joke delayed a flight going to Manila from Dumaguete.

According to Dumaguete Today, a Philippine Airline flight bound for Manila was scheduled to leave at 11 in the morning. However, for an uncontrolled circumstance, the flight was delayed following a bomb joke made by one of its passengers. This happened while the passenger was onboard the plane at the Dumaguete airport and while waiting for the plane to leave the airport.

Alarmed by the joke made by the passenger, the airline personnel asked the passengers to disembark from the aircraft. Safety procedures were conducted and police assistance was requested.

As part of its security protocol, the police immediately deployed its SWAT to conduct a clearing operation. For a comment that made everyone on high alert, the SWAT team found out that everything is negative.

The passenger who made the bomb joke is now facing a serious matter. Under the Presidential Decree 1727, people making jokes about carrying bombs while in the airport or while onboarding the aircraft are subject to investigation. A case will be filed by the PNP-Aviation Security Group and the person guilty may face 5-year imprisonment as well as a fine of P40,000.

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BOMB JOKE DELAYS PAL FLIGHT TO MANILAA Philippine Airline flight to Manila scheduled at 11 this morning was delayed…

Posted by Dumaguete Today on Wednesday, May 9, 2018


The next time you make a joke, make sure that it is not about carrying bombs in your luggage. You may not only scare other people, you may also suffer from the consequences after.

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