Beautiful Peanut Vendor Captures Hearts, Gets Introduced in Photographer’s Funny Post

A guy who was starstruck by the beauty of the peanut vendor he encountered posted photos of the young lady on Facebook but everyone’s laughing at his witty post.

Dale Camus met the young lady last May 26. He took some photos and told her he would come back with a photographer, to take better pictures.

Photo credit: Facebook / Dale Camus

The young woman was shy but did not stop Dale from taking her photos.

A lot of netizens agreed that she looks fantastic but everyone had a good laugh at the way Dale introduced this young lady to the world.

Photo credit: Facebook / Dale Camus

In a witty Facebook post, he shared her photos but expressed apprehension that his ‘jowa’ (girlfriend) might become jealous upon seeing what he was doing and that she would slam his laptop on his head.

While he didn’t say that she did just that, the resulting unintelligible words in the remainder of the post supposed ‘showed’ that the girl did just that! LOL.

Photo credit: Facebook / Dale Camus

Hoy, bakit ganito yung nagtitinda ng mani sa Dasma? hahahaha Okay, since papatayin na ako ng jowa-desu ko mamaya pagkabasa niya nitong post ko lulubusin ko na ah, matatagpuan si ate sa Salawag, Dasma Cavite bandang TUP legit na Mani vendor si ate hahaha nag paalam ako sa kanya na magdadala ko ng photographer sa susunod na bibili ako sa kanya. Shytype si ate eh hahaha. Wait lang baka ipalo na sa akin ng jowa ko yung laptop koasdahfoajsdjfsjysjfslklskdkg;lfskh;dkowejsdgmlksjfposepokldfkljdkjrgsfks[ldldskyo45rojsk;lfkg;ldkhljjk;skfsdlkd;lkhl;dk;lkh k;lsafl;jhlkgjklgjklsjdfksjdklgjklsjdgkljflhjlj;ldk;dkghs’l’d;lg’slg;ls’;ldgsasjlkdjalkjslkajdlkasjlsjdlajlsjda

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Photo credit: Facebook / Dale Camus

Isn’t that hilarious? But you’ve got to agree that this young peanut vendor is certainly a beautiful lady.

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