After Saving Every Payday, Netizen Found Out That Someone’s Stealing Her “Ipon”

You might be asking yourself why there is so much pressure to save money. If you only have enough funds to pay for everything that you need, what is the reason for you to set aside some money for each month?

There are a lot of reasons for beginning setting aside some money. Having an emergency fund can cover unexpected expenses while a retirement fund can cover the costs while you are enjoying your life after working for several years.

Knowing how expensive life can be, a netizen started saving for her future. With the goal of starting her savings last year, she’s setting aside at least P2,000 every payday and put it in her bamboo coin bank. But it was too late for her to realize that the money she is saving and expecting to use when there’s an emergency is already gone.

After watching an episode of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, netizen under the username Kuting Linggit was inspired to save up. She used the P5,000 she is keeping in her wallet as the initial “savings” money and every payday, she is putting at least P2,000 in her coin bank.

When her parents needed money for an emergency, she decided to open her coin bank, without thinking that she will get the biggest surprise in her life. After opening it, she was devastated to see that the coin bank only contains P120.

Instead of having enough money to pay for her parents’ debt, she is now left with a broken heart knowing that she sacrificed a lot just to have money for her savings stolen by someone else.

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Have you experienced the same situation before? Do you have any savings tip that we can share with this poor netizen?

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