Admirable Young Man Greets His Grandmother a Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and while some people are preparing their surprises, there are also others who are gearing up on how to say their gratitude to the most important women in their lives. Even the popular Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee released three commercials that made us cry.

There is one Facebook post, in particular, that is stealing all the attention and is touching people’s hearts due to its inspiring message.

Social media user Mark Carabbacan made hearts melt after posting a short video about the woman whom he considers as his true mother. The caption was made short and sweet but his actions on the video spoke louder than any pages-long story.

There might be some people who share the same circumstances as Mark: His parents cannot take care of them and her heroic grandmother stepped down to do the job. This selfless young man is a self-confessed lola’s boy and according to him, he owes everything to his grandmother. To repay the kindness and the love that he received ever since he was young, he does whatever it takes to make his grandmother happy and comfortable.

[Image Credit: Mark Louise Pabianes Carabbacan / Facebook]
As his grandmother starts to become weaker, Mark took the responsibility of taking care of her and fulfilling her needs. Other than heating the water for her bath and giving her a shower, this admirable young man also changes his grandmother’s adult diapers and gets her dressed.

[Image Credit: Mark Louise Pabianes Carabbacan / Facebook]
Netizens cannot help but admire Mark due to his dedication and love for his lola. The story even reminded some people of their own grandparents.

See the heartwarming video here.


This video shows that this Mother’s Day, you don’t need to give expensive material gifts to your mother or grandmother. A kiss or a hug and a simple “thank you” can mean the whole world to them.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there! Thank you for giving us the gift of life.

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