Young Mangyan Tribe Member Receives His College Diploma in Mindoro

Graduations are considered the happiest moments for parents and students. Gone are the sleepless nights of studying and working on school stuff. Parents don’t need to think of where to get money to pay their children’s tuition fee and other school expenses too.

Most students are looking forward to their special day when they can finally march and receive their diplomas in front of everyone. They can finally take a step to full adulthood and reach their goals in life.

The graduation day marks the end of their chapter as students and the beginning of being employees. Many graduating students feel mixed emotions during this big day. They feel happy, sad, excited, and sometimes, afraid of what might happen next.

Story of Success

But for this new graduate, getting his diploma is a step ahead not only for himself but for his whole tribe. A young Mangyan is making rounds on the internet. The Mangyan tribe is one of the many indigenous groups in the country. They originated in Mindoro and are mostly living below the poverty line. Nevertheless, this young man proved that poverty is not a hindrance to success.

The Occidental Mindoro State College shared the viral photo on their Official Facebook page commending the unnamed student who was one of their successful graduates this year. Present on the important occasion were his parents who are dressed in their tribal outfit.

Inspiration For Many People

The inspiring story of this young man and his family went viral on social media. Many cannot help but admire the new graduate of his determination in pursuing his studies as well as his proud parents in providing him a better future.

The young man is not only an inspiration for people of the Mangyan tribe but also for other students who are about to give up in finishing their studies.

See the inspiring photo here:

Isang pagpupugay sa iyo kapatid!Kahanga hanga ka sa iyong pagsikhay na makapagtapos upang maging isang ehemplo hindi…

Posted by Occidental Mindoro State College on Sunday, April 15, 2018


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