Young Athlete Dedicates Medals to Mom Who Died While He’s at the ‘Palarong Pambansa’

The ‘Palarong Pambansa’ is the ultimate measure of the Filipino athlete. It is a major sporting event in the Philippines participated by representatives from various regions across the country. It is an event for student athletes.

Being part of this sports event already means you are among the best athletes in the Philippines; winning medals there means you are the best among the best! Thus, for many Pinoy athletes, winning in the Palarong Pambasa is the ultimate dream.

Photo credit: @xtian197 – Alex Christian / Twitter

A young athlete named Ronie C. Trinidad, Jr. was among these athletes. But his was a different story from the many victorious athletes in the sports they had joined in at the Palarong Pambansa.

You see, while Ronie was winning his medals in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, his mother passed away from a long battle with stage 4 lung ****** back in his hometown.

While he received a couple of medals from the sports event and should have been rejoicing like the rest of the winners, he only got a brief moment of happiness because he had to deal with the loss of his mother.

Photo credit: @xtian197 – Alex Christian / Twitter

It is truly difficult to even think about what this young boy is going through but right after arriving in his hometown, he put his Palarong Pambansa medals on his mother’s coffin, dedicating these to his late mom.

Heartbreaking photos of the young boy were shared on Twitter by his cousin, Alex Christian (@xtian197). Not surprisingly, many people were touched by the pictures and the post went viral.

Congratulations on your dance sport win, Ronie, and condolence…

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