While Employers are in the Hospital, Maid Spends Night with BF and Steals Their Valuables

Instead of doing the house chores, a housemaid left by herself while her employers were at the hospital for three days let a man inside the house even if it was against the building’s rules, then stole her employers’ valuables before leaving the house.

Known as Ivy San Juan, 24, the housemaid was left on her own at her employers’ house in Pasig City because her female employer had given birth.

Based on the CCTV footage retrieved from the employers’ house, however, Ivy did not do her chores. Instead, she let a man in; the two were seen going out of the house and coming back with a bottle of liquor. Then, they spent the night inside the masters’ bedroom.

It was already morning when the guy went out of the house.

Photo credit: 24 Oras

A day later, Ivy was seen on CCTV as she went out of the house carrying some bags with her. Inside were cash and gadgets amounting to Php100,000. Upon checking her social media account, the female employer was surprised to see that the housemaid was wearing some of her blouses and clothes in the pictures.

The employers sought the help of Pasig City Police to find the erring housemaid and her boyfriend. Although it appears that the guy did not have a direct hand at stealing the items from inside the employers’ house, he is still being sought for questioning and has been tagged as the housemaid’s accomplice.

Photo credit: 24 Oras

Building administrator ‘Ghie’ encouraged the housemaid and her boyfriend to go to the police station, either to surrender or to prove that they were innocent.

As of press time, the two have not been apprehended yet. Pasig Police officers as seeking help from netizens to provide information regarding the two suspects.

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