When Someone Asks You To Click a Link Using Facebook Messenger, Don’t Click It

All of us would want to believe that the internet is a safe place where everyone can interact and get to know other people from all over the world without leaving the house. However, there are criminals preying on Internet users now. There are all sorts and types of online scams.

40 percent of people aged 20 to 29 are losing money to scam while 23 percent are a victim of credit card fraud. What is worse is that one in five people lost money because of imposter scams.

Recently, a social media user named Angelika Jane Dato-on turned to Facebook to warn netizens of another scamming tactic.

New Tactic

According to her, her account was hacked last April 27. One of her friends asked her a favor to help with her project and clicked the link that was provided to her. Although she initially wondered why she needs to sign in using her Facebook account credentials, she still followed the instructions because it was her friend and churchmate who asked her for a favor.

[Image Credit: Angelika Jane Dato-on / Facebook]
Luckily, Angelika opened her Facebook Messenger in her phone before one of the victims were able to send money to a person named Karen Replentes. The hacker used her account (pretending to be her) to post an ad saying that her aunt is selling an iPhone X for only P20,000. The suspect also transacted with her friends and even created a group chat to “sell” the said phone.

[Image Credit: Angelika Jane Dato-on / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Angelika Jane Dato-on / Facebook]
When she tried looking for the name on Facebook, she was surprised to see that there were many victims of Kharen Replentes. The modus is the same: she would sell a high-end item for a cheap price and would urge the buyer to send the money instead of meeting her.

[Image Credit: Angelika Jane Dato-on / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Angelika Jane Dato-on / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Angelika Jane Dato-on / Facebook]
Read the whole story here and be warned:

BEWARE po sa mga hackers ngayon and scammers. Yesterday lang po, nahack 'yung account ko. I thought it was my friend…

Posted by Angelika Jane Dato-on on Thursday, April 26, 2018


If someone sends you a message asking for help, it is always a good reminder to do a reality check. Let’s not be victims of fraud and scam!

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