Vice Ganda exchanges sweet ‘hugot’ lines with UST volleyball player

Images by Wewe Medina via Twitter account and Vice Ganda via Facebook page
  • Vice Ganda exchanged a lengthy witty ‘hugot’ lines with UST volleyball player Manuel Andrei “Wewe” Medina
  • Medina initiated the conversation by calling Vice as “Ganda”
  • Netizens shared mixed reactions on the playful exchange

Vice Ganda didn’t back down when an UST volleyball player tweeted him with ‘sweet hugots’ on Twitter.

It started when UST volleyball player Manuel Andrei “Wewe” Medina tried to catch Vice’s attention by tweeting him at 2:00 AM with a simple, “Hi Ganda.” [Hi beautiful]

Vice, apparently still awake at the time, replied coyly, “Hi Pogi.” [Hi handsome]

Medina replied, “Puro ka talaga kalokohan” [You’re full of nonsense]. Vice answered, “Puro ka talaga kagaguhan” [You’re full of foolishness].

The athlete replied, “Hanggang dito ba naman biruan?” [Even here, we’re still making jokes?]

The long thread showed the two’s funny and witty banter, including lines such as, “Ang tanong, okay lang ba sayong saluhin kita ‘pag nahulog ka? [The question is it okay for you if I catch you when you fall?]

Vice didn’t bat an eye and replied, “Tanungin mo muna yung sarili mo kung kaya mong sumalo. Tsaka na ako mag-iisip kung magpapatihulog ako.”
[You have to ask yourself first if you ready catch. Then, I can start thinking if I am ready to fall.]

Netizens shared their mixed reactions on the exchange. While some felt “kilig,” there are those who warned Vice of being used for attention.

You can easily read their playful banter from the compilation made by News5’s Facebook page: