This Girl Wants Plus Size Women To Take a Stand Against Body Shamers

The culture of body shaming in the Philippines is uncontrollable. Different people have their own preconceived notion of what bodies should look like and how people, especially women, should weigh. Have you experienced one of your relatives or your mother’s friend randomly saying, “Tumataba ka na ha!” or “Kailan ka magda-diet?”

People who don’t fit the society’s beauty standards have to deal with the judgmental eyes and mouths of people. There are younger children who have to suffer from bullying because of their size. Some even earned harsh nicknames related to how they look – some as callous as “pangit,” “taba” or “baboy” are used to call other people.

Take a Stand

A social media user decided to make a stand. In a series of photos uploaded by Facebook page Kissey J.Lab Show, the confident netizen wants to empower other women who are suffering from body shaming. According to her, now is the rise of Plus Size, the New Sexy and Hot.

[Image Credit: Kissey J.Lab Show / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Kissey J.Lab Show / Facebook]

She wants women to be more confident of how they look since other people should just mind their own business. Don’t be afraid to hear comments from judgmental people since you know yourself more than they do.

Be Proud!

Many women are afraid to wear bikinis because of the social stigma that only thin people should wear it. But as long as you are confident in yourself, you can wear anything that you want.

Image via Pixabay

The Facebook page also added that it is not about being thin or heavy, but it’s on the curves. Sometimes, men prefer chubby people because they are more huggable.

Sometimes, Ang mga Chubs pa ang masarap mag mahal kaya nga Chubs is.

Kaya sa mga Chubby na nahihiya huwag kang mahiya! You are Loved!

Let’s stop body shaming! Whatever shape or looks that you have, you deserve to be loved!

Source: Facebook

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