The Story Behind the Young Couple’s Video is Inspiring Netizens Around the Country

Having a romantic relationship is important for your well-being and happiness. Love comes in all colors, shapes, sizes, and age. It doesn’t matter how long you have been together or what challenges you encountered together — if you are happy, that relationship is worth spending time with.

The love between this young couple was witnessed by a group with their own eyes. The video of the two lovers was posted by netizen Denz Ceralde after being mesmerized not only with the girl’s beautiful face but also the sweetness between the two.

[Image Credit: Denz Bautista Ceralde / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Denz Bautista Ceralde / Facebook]

An Inspiration

According to Denz, he, together with her friends went in front of the school and church to buy street food when they noticed the young man and lady. The couple can easily catch everyone’s attention because of their sweetness and dedication to each other.

Denz also added how they were inspired by just looking at the two. Despite the girl’s disability, you can see how happy and contented they are.

I really dont know the whole story between them pero for me nakaka inspire lalo. Mahahalata mo sa smile nilang dalawa. Despite sa kanilang situation, they are both happy and contented. Hindi hadlang ang kapansanan sa taong gustong makapagtapos at nagmamahalan.

[Image Credit: Ella Mae Layar / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Ella Mae Layar / Facebook]

The Story Behind It

The couple behind the viral video is Lance Patrick Fernandez and Ella Mae Layar. As stated on her Facebook page, Ella suffered from polio since birth.

Her disability did not stop her from reaching her dreams: to be a model or a beauty queen. With the support of her family, friends, and boyfriend Lance, she won the crown and became the Queen of Beauty on Wheels.

[Image Credit: Ella Mae Layar / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Ella Mae Layar / Facebook]
Read the inspiring story here:

"Queen of Beauty on Wheels"Person with DisabilityMeron akong polio since birth, pero ang swerte ko lang kasi…

Posted by Ella Mae Layar on Friday, March 23, 2018


They are not only an inspiration as a couple — Ella is also a proof for everyone to never give up, even if you have a disability.

Thank you for inspiring us, Ella and Lance!

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