Resort in Nueva Ecija Gives Warning and Short Reminders to Guests Using Hugot Lines

It is now common for Filipinos to use #hugot lines when expressing their emotions for someone.

People are deriving hugot lines or emotional quotations from songs, poems or a simple statement. Some even make jokes out of it to mask their feeling of regret, sadness, and at times, anger.

Wag mong iwan ‘yung sinaing. Di ‘yan tulad mo na sanay iniiwan.

Ang totoong nagmamahal ay parang matinong estudyanteng nag-eexam. Hindi tumitingin sa iba, kahit nahihirapan.

Di ko na kailangan gumamit ng Google. Kasi nung nakilala kita, the search is over.

Okay na yung mahulog ka sa mabahong kanal kesa naman sa taong di ka mahal.

[Image Credit: MCMC / Facebook]
[Image Credit: MCMC / Facebook]

Eye-Catching Warnings

Recently, a resort in Nueva Ecija is catching the attention of people for a good reason. The Facebook page MCMC uploaded several photos of the tarpaulins scattered inside Jerry De Alicia Farm and Resort featuring short reminders for their customers.

But these warnings are not just simple reminders of safety. What makes them one of a kind is because they feature different hugot lines.

Here are some of the resort’s reminders featuring hugot lines:

Munting paalala na may kasamang hugot

Posted by Mcmc on Monday, April 9, 2018

Be Safe While Having Fun

Since summer is near, we often go to different beaches or resorts to beat the heat and have fun. From Subic, Puerto Galera, Palawan, Boracay, and Batangas, families, couples, and friends enjoy a day in the beach under the scorching sun.

Wherever part of the country you will go to with your family and friends, always see to it that everyone is safe. Make sure that your children are not exploring the waters alone without a guardian. Keep an eye on your valuables as well. Swimming with your loved ones is fun but we should always be safe.

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
Do you also find these tarpaulins funny? Do you also think that the person who made them may be undergoing something else — maybe based on experience, right?

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