A Person Attempts to Be Hit By a Vehicle Along Commonwealth

Two of the most common problems not only in the country but all over the world are road accidents and road rages. Since there are a lot of accidents happening in the country today, motorists are advised to be more alert and careful with their surroundings while they are driving to avoid any accidents.

But there are still some people who carelessly do the things that they have in their minds without thinking about the possible results of their actions. Some even use traffic accidents as a source of income: they purposely hit themselves with passing cars, lie on the floor, and then ask money from the drivers as compensation.

[Image Credit: Seph Cham / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Seph Cham / Facebook]

Caught on Video

Recently, a Facebook user and social media influencer Seph Cham uploaded photos as well as a video footage of how a desperate woman allegedly attempted to commit suicide. In the said video, he was slowly traveling along Fairview Center Mall in Commonwealth at around 12:30 in the afternoon when an unidentified woman suddenly ran in the middle of the road and attempted to be hit by the moving vehicle.

After a few moments, another man picked up the woman and brought him to the side of the road. Cham even jokingly used the popular hashtag #YoureRoad and warned other motorists.

Ingat kayo sa mga ganito. Dapat aware kayo sa paligid while driving.

I’m not sure if LQ yan dahil pag tingin ko sa sidewalk may naka handusay na babae. Last part ng video, makikita nyo sa back camera na may kumuha sa lalake at tumayo rin naman sya.

[Image Credit: Seph Cham / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Seph Cham / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Seph Cham / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Seph Cham / Facebook]

Not Surprising

It seems that netizens are not surprised to see this. Some even pointed out that this is a new modus of people to extort money from other motorists.

Ingat ka dyan! Peperahan ka nyang mga yan.

Update on the Case

As of April 13, we received a message from a person named Ricklym Mariquit, claiming that he is a guard of FCM Mall. According to him, the couple fought, forcing the man to lie on the road.

Watch the video of the incident here:

Posted by Seph Cham on Monday, April 9, 2018


What can you say about this? What will you do if this situation happened to you?

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