Passenger Shares Lolo Driver’s Story: His Children Are Already Professionals and Even Has a Grandchild Taking Up Law!

Riding a taxi in Metro Manila can be an unpleasant experience for others. There are many horror stories about riding a taxi in the city: scary taxi holdups, airport taxi scams, and foreigner’s bad experiences with drivers.

However, this is not always the case.

[Image Credit: OFW Kalingawan / Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW Kalingawan / Facebook]

Inspiring Story of a Taxi Driver

Recently, a netizen shares his experience in riding a taxi in Metro Manila. In a Facebook post shared by OFW Kalingawan, an unnamed netizen salutes a taxi driver, who is already a senior citizen.

According to the netizen, the driver is already 83 years old. During their conversation, the driver revealed that he started as a taxi driver during the American times back in 1954. Even at an old age, he is still working not because of financial matters but because his body is so used to working that he might die if he’ll stay in their house.

Nakaka bilib na ang isang kagaya nya ay nag tratrabaho pa din dahil ayaw nyang mamatay daw. Kapag nasa bahay lang siya.ay baka mamatay na lang siya.

[Image Credit: OFW Kalingawan / Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW Kalingawan / Facebook]

Success in Life

All the children of the taxi driver are professionals: he already has a nurse, an engineer, and a teacher and all of them are now in good status in life. One of his children is even married to a vice mayor of Laguna.

His two grandchildren are in their care. Recently, one of them graduated from UP while the other one is still studying at the same university while taking up law.

This story is inspiring. While other people want easy money, there are still many people like him who would choose to work longer hours just to provide for the family. They are enduring the hardship of their job just to put food on the table and send their children to school.

Read the inspiring story here:

SALUDO AKO SAYO LOLONG TAXI DRIVER! Sana makarating sa mga kamag anak ni lolo.Siya po ang aking taxi driver kahapon,…

Posted by OFW Kalingawan on Friday, April 6, 2018


We salute you, Lolo Driver! We hope to see more taxi drivers like you!

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