LOOK: Paolo Ballesteros as Solenn Heussaff

  • Paolo Ballesteros did another makeup transformation and became a Solenn Heussaff look-alike
  • Solenn revealed earlier that Paolo dared her to do a transformation
  • The two celebrities are the stars of the new upcoming movie “My 2 Mommies”

Paolo Ballesteros responded to Solenn Heussaff’s makeup transformation copying him.

It can be recalled that the actress revealed that she was challenged by Paolo to do a makeup transformation. By doing his dare, Paolo gained respect from Solenn since she realized that it’s not easy.

As part of the dare, it’s now Paolo’s turn to copy Solenn.

On his IG post he captioned: “GASOLENN HEUSSAFF”

As expected, Paolo once again proved his gift of transforming self into someone using only make up.

What do you think about his work?

Solenn and Paolo will both star in “My 2 Mommies” movie on May 9.

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