Not Just a Pain Reliever: Alaxan Helps a Netizen Recover After Suffering From a Heartbreak

If you are suffering from any forms of body ache, chances are, you have already tried taking Alaxan once or twice in your life. It is effective in taking away any kind of pain and will help you get back on your feet immediately. But can this pain reliever heal a broken heart?

Recently, we proved that when Alaxan cannot technically help you in getting over a broken heart by drinking a pill, the Facebook page of the pain reliever has the best advice for anyone who is dealing with a broken heart.

[Image Credit: Alaxan]
[Image Credit: Alaxan]

Heartbroken Netizen

A netizen shared his conversation with the official Alaxan FR Facebook page account. Jim Reynold Zamora initially sent a message to the page asking how much dosage he needs to drink in order to forget the pain when his girlfriend left him.

Whoever is handling the Facebook page of Alaxan FR definitely deserves a raise!

[Image Credit: Jim Reynold Zamora / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Jim Reynold Zamora / Facebook]

Witty Response

To start with, Alaxan suggested that Jim should get a new hobby or play sports to take his mind off other things. They told the brokenhearted netizen to stay strong since what he is experiencing is a part of learning.

That’s not all! The social media manager also said that if Jim gets a headache from overthinking, body ache from chasing after his girl, rayuma from waiting for her, toothache from stress eating or flu pains from crying all night, Alaxan FR definitely have his back. That’s really a quick turn to advertising the product, right?

Whatever you are suffering from, Alaxan has all of your body parts covered!

Upon reading the witty exchange of conversation, netizens felt entertained and impressed with how the person behind the Alaxan FR Facebook page handled the situation.

That’s why it’s more fun in the Philippines cause medicines also have hugot hahaha.

besh oh. kahit si alaxan yun din ang payo.

Advertising level 9999999 😂😂

alaxan FR has saved me in so many ways 😂

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