‘Never Give Up’: 39-Year-Old Aspiring Lawyer Passes the Bar Exams on His Third Attempt

Primer Sendaydiego was already advised by a friend that he was among the 2017 Bar Exam passers but he has to see it with his own eyes. He was hoping that it was not fake news. After all, it was already his third attempt to pass the said examination.

Image by Jonathan Cellona, ABS-CBN News

Coming all the way from Pangasinan, Primer and his wife were both in tears as they waited for Primer’s name to be flashed on the screens of the Supreme Court in Manila. When they finally saw his name, Primer was not sure how to react because, finally, after two failed attempts, he is finally able to fulfill his parents’ dream of him becoming a lawyer.

Primer first took the Bar Exam way back in 2005 after graduating from the University of Pangasinan. However, his first take was unsuccessful; so, he rested for a while and tried his luck again in 2008. Sadly, fate was still not on his side. It took him nine long years to try his luck on the Bar exams again.

It was not an easy journey as there has been a series of roadblocks for Primer involving his family and business.

But he did not give up, thanks to his review classmates who motivated and gave him kind words.

Now, that he has become a full-fledged lawyer, he dedicates his success to his father and his sickly mother in the province.

Primer said that if there is one thing that he learned from his journey, it was never to give up.

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