Nagsipag. Nagtiyaga. Nagtiis: Employee Saves P54,000 in Just Three Months By Spending Less For Her Needs

As an employee, what do you usually do after receiving your salary every payday? Do you always go to a mall and look out for sales? Do you eat out in fancy restaurants with your colleagues to treat yourselves after a month long of hard work? Do you go to the nearest remittance center and send money to your family or do you visit your bank and save money?

For many Filipinos, payday is the happiest days of our lives. However, with a lot of bills to pay and other financial obligations, paydays can also act as nightmares, especially if it causes you worry if you don’t know how to stretch your budget. Salary day can also be frustrating when the fruit of your labor just passes by your hands like bubbles.

Small Amount Goes a Long Way

A small amount of savings is better than none, right? Although it is very hard to save money, especially if she has a family to send money to, Nhing Nhing shares her journey on how she took part in the #iponchallenge.

In the Facebook Group PESO SENSE SAVERS group, Nhing Nhing shares how she was able to save P54,000 in just 89 days. She narrated how the group helped her mind open up to the logic of saving money.


According to her, she saved money from January to March of this year. The accumulated amount of P54,000 was sent to her family in the province to fix their house.

[Image Credit: Nhing Nhing / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Nhing Nhing / Facebook]

How Was She Able to Make It?

To help both ends meet, she only spent P3,000 for herself: P1,000 for her allowance to purchase soaps, conditioner, and prepaid load, and the rest for her other needs. She is also asking her employer to keep the rest of her salary so she’ll not be tempted to spend it.

She is now saving money again to continue with the construction of their house. Even if she is not an Overseas Filipino Worker, she is still trying to give the happiness that her parents deserve.

[Image Credit: Nhing Nhing / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Nhing Nhing / Facebook]
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Thank you for sharing your story, Nhing Nhing! Are you inspired by her story too? How do you think you can effectively save money?

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