Netizen Shares Life Lessons From Mothers: Enjoying Life While Young and How to Choose the Perfect Man

As the famous saying goes: Mother knows best. Our mothers play a huge role in our lives. They did not only raise us, they are also our providers, first teachers, life coaches, comforters, and many others roles, some you may not think they can do. They deserve the title as the Wonder Woman or Super Woman of our lives.

Can you remember a point in your life when you have been in a position when your mother told you about the do’s and don’ts of life? You may find it really annoying at first, but later on, you will just realize that she is just worried about you. As the time goes by and you get older, you will realize that every piece of advice (which you thought are plain nagging) makes sense.

Life Lessons

A Facebook user named Hyacinth Czarina S. Rivera shared a lengthy inspiring and heart-warming letter on her Facebook account. Instead of posting a caption about her primary photo, she chose to share some inspiring life lessons that most mothers shared with their daughters.

While some young ladies are hurrying to find a boyfriend or someone that they can call their life partner, her mother warned her about the type of man that he should give her heart to. According to her mother, she should find a man who will see her value. She should choose someone who will imagine her graduating and marching in the middle of the stage instead of someone who will imagine her in the shower.

Piliin mo sana yung lalaking handang maghintay hanggang pwede na at hindi yung lalaking ipinipilit yung gusto nya mairaos lang ang maramot nyang pagnanasa. Piliin mo yung lalaking ihahatid ka sa inyo, magpapakilala sa magulang mo at aayain kang magsimba tuwing linggo at wag ang lalaking hihintayin ka lang hanggang dun sa kanto.

Enjoy Your Life

The older woman encouraged her daughter to enjoy her youth, while she can still do everything that she wants, instead of getting married at a young age; go to different places that she dreams about and reaching for her dreams.

Many netizens were touched with the heartwarming message that the post garnered more than 25,000 reactions, 10,000 shares, and 2,900 comments in just a few hours. Some of them are even tagging their mothers and appreciating their life lessons.

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Posted by Shannel Almira Incarnation Layola on Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Do you also believe that mothers know best? What’s your favorite line from your mom? Let us know in the comments section below!

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