Jollibee and McDonald’s Are Giving Free Food As Freebies for Exchanging Your Mountain of Coins

Paying your daily expenses by cash can help you avoid any impulsive spending. However, you may accumulate a lot of coins. Carrying a few coins is convenient to pay tolls and pay your exact purchase, but it can also be difficult to get rid of your mountains of loose change.

Exchanging coins for paper bills can make it easier for you to carry your money. There are many financial institutions like banks and credit unions that can help you swap your loose change for paper bills.

However, changing your coins in banks can also be difficult. During rush hours, you need to fall in line and wait for several minutes up to hours to exchange your coins into bills. There are also some banks that require you to have your own bank account to transfer the total amount of the coins to your account. You may not want to wait long and in the end, you’ll just get rejected, right?

[Image Credit: Jun Acullador / flickr]
[Image Credit: Jun Acullador / flickr]

Exchange Your Coins Now!

A Netizen shares another way to exchange your bills: through Jollibee or McDonald’s! Totally unexpected right?

According to Yoko Oshima, who shared her experience through the PESO SENSE SAVERS group, you can exchange your many coins to paper bills and receive a freebie in return. You can get free food from the fast-food chains.

Many netizens were excited after reading this information. Some of them are happy to hear that they will receive a freebie from just exchanging money. There are also many people who will start their #ipongoals to get the free food.

[Image Credit: Yoko Oshima / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Yoko Oshima / Facebook]
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Although there is no confirmation yet from which branches of the fast food chains provide freebies for exchanging your coins to bills, isn’t it exciting to receive something in return and get rid of your mountains of coins? Now, let us find our piggy banks..

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