Janitress’ Child Who Graduated As The Class Valedictorian Dedicates His Success to His Mother

An 18-year-old Senior High School graduate is making his mother named Ma. Cristina Clauna very proud of him after he graduated from his batch of 1,078 students as the class valedictorian.  Not only is he gaining attention since he is the top of his class, but also because of his mother’s profession and his dedication to graduate.

Kenneth Clauna is a son of a janitress. If you will ask other children, they might feel embarrassed to admit their mother’s job. But for Kenneth, his mother’s profession is the reason why he graduated from high school with flying colors.

What’s His Highest Remarks?

Kenneth took up Humanities and Social Sciences of the K to 12 programs at Mangaldan National High School. His highest mark is 99 while his lowest is 90. That’s very promising, right?

The class valedictorian dedicates all his achievements to his mother who has been working as a janitress in Laguna to provide the financial needs of the family.

[Image Credit: Military Health System]
[Image Credit: Military Health System]

Forced to Sacrifice

According to Kenneth, his mother did the biggest sacrifice when the family became penniless. They were forced to sell their house after their father had a brain tumor.

The Clauna family needed to pay a huge debt due to the hospital bill. After the amount reached almost P1 million, Kenneth’s mother was forced to work in the hospital.

Kenneth’s family has to manage their monthly budget of P1,500 sent by their mother and some cash from their aunt. He recalled how many times he had to go to school without any food or new school uniforms.

[Image Credit: Philstar]
[Image Credit: Philstar]

There were times that we had little for our food, went to school with no money, no new school uniform.

The newly graduate also revealed that he would like to take Bachelor of Arts in Communication at the University of the Philippines in Baguio City, hoping to become a journalist one day.

There are many underprivileged students in the country but they are using that to push themselves to the limit. Are you also inspired by Kenneth’s story? We wish you and your family the best luck in the future!

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