Former PBB housemate Kamile Filoteo opens up about her 5-year-old daughter

Image via Kamile Filoteo's Instagram account
  • Celebrity mom and former PBB housemate Kamile Filoteo opened up about being a mother to a lovely 5-year-old daughter
  • She said her talented and witty daughter makes her proud
  • The young star also shared that she is not a strict mom


Image via Kamile Filoteo’s Instagram account

The newest Philippine brand ambassador of Forever 21, Kamile Filoteo, talked about her daughter and how motherhood helped her to become a mature person. The star became a mom at a very young age – 15 years old.

According to PUSH, the former Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemate described her daughter as someone who is very witty. At present, her daughter is in Bulacan, where she is spending her summer vacation.

The Girltrend member also shared how her lovely 5-year-old daughter makes her proud. According to the young actress and dancer, her daughter  -whom she sometimes call “bubu bear” – knows how to sing and dance.

She recalled one instance when her daughter borrowed her phone to view a Zumba dance in YouTube. The talented kid then danced like she memorized the steps. Aside from that, her daughter can also sing well according to the proud mommy.

As a young mother, Kamile revealed she is not that strict to her only child, because for her, some kids get confused when the parent is very harsh. In addition, she also added that her daughter is her priority. She is more than willing to do everything for her daughter and her family.

Just recently, the now 21-year-old single mom also admitted that she is dating the actor Derrick So.