Female OFW Seeks Help After Employer Refuses to Take Her to the Hospital

A female Overseas Filipino Worker is now seeking help from the Philippine government after she suffered repeated maltreatment from her employers.

Filipino migrant workers are enduring the hardships and loneliness of working abroad just to earn money to provide for the family’s necessities. A lot of them are forced to leave the Philippines just to provide a better and brighter future for their loved ones.

Unfortunately, along with their hardships and loneliness comes the different cases of harassment and *****. Nowadays, we often hear stories of domestic helpers, particularly those from the Arab countries, harassed and physically hurt by their employers. One of them is a female household helper in Oman.

[Image Credit: Fionna Criszhel / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Fionna Criszhel / Facebook]

Extreme Pain

In a Facebook post, Fionna Criszhel shared the videos of her friend who is working as a domestic helper in Oman. According to the OFW, she was promised by her employers that she will undergo a medical check-up since she is suffering from extreme pain and a lump on her neck.

She even offered to pay for her check-up using her salary but the female employer refused to allow her to go to the hospital. She also talked to her agency but they just told her to seek approval from her employers.

[Image Credit: Fionna Criszhel / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Fionna Criszhel / Facebook]

Inappropriate Response

Since her employer gave her salary later than expected, the male employer ordered her to go back to her agency. However, she needs to return the amount they paid for the processing of her papers.

The poor domestic helper talked to the agency and was told the same thing: if she will not pay the fee, she will be surrendered to the police. According to them, before she can be released from her contract, she needs to pay the huge penalty and might face jail time too.

[Image Credit: Fionna Criszhel / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Fionna Criszhel / Facebook]
Watch the video here.

All she wants now is to go back to the country and seek medical attention.

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