Elderly Couple Shows That It’s “Bida ang Saya” in Jollibee

Many of us would agree that public displays of romantic affection are understandable if the people involve is an elderly couple. After all, this gives us a renewed hope that true love stands the test of time. Take this elderly couple sharing a meal in Jollibee as an example.

[Image Credit: Viral Photos / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Viral Photos / Facebook]

Something to Inspire You

A heartwarming series of photos of a random old couple is making rounds on social media after being featured on a Facebook page. The two elderly share a tender moment as they took turns taking photos of each other like what a millennial couple would do.

At their age, it really makes people’s heart melt to see that they are still stuck in their honeymoon phase.

The lolo struck a handsome pose while the lola looked really cute. A netizen, fortunately, witnessed the once in a blue moon moment in person and took some photos.

[Image Credit: Viral Photos / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Viral Photos / Facebook]

Finding Real Love

After being shared on Facebook, it gave younger people the hope of finding real love. Everyone wished to remain as sweet and as loving as the elderly couple.

According to netizens who saw the viral photos, the pictures brought good vibes to everyone. These photos also became an outlet for people to share their love with their partners and promises to do whatever it takes for them to achieve their goals set by the viral couple.

Love this photos. It inspires me. Believe in what you praying for. God knows how you been so lonely and waiting for that someone.

Wino-work-out kasi yan. Pinag-uusapan ang problema, binibigay ang tiwala, nagmamahal na walang duda, at di lang basta-basta nagpopost ng “Forever” sa social media. Hala, lahat na lang ng maka-relasyon forever niya na. Di yun ganun. Ganito yun.

Sana lahat! Minsan kasi ‘di nya trip magpicture. Kakainis Ayaw atang nyang may remembrance kami. Haha! Para wala syang ide-delete pag nagbreak kami

Parang kmi lng ni Uncle Lito mo yan ah! Hahahaha. After take ko ng picture sisilipin pa nya kung guapo daw sya hahaha. Relate much to that pictures 😍

See the viral photos here and be inspired:

Sana lahat ❤️

Posted by Viral Photos on Tuesday, April 17, 2018


What can you say about these photos? Are you inspired by them to grow old with your special someone?

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