Don’t Ignore Simple Headaches: Healthy Guy **** Just Weeks after Experiencing Headaches

Thinking it was just a simple headache, Patrick Mendoza Maniebo went to the doctor for some medications before staying at home and simply waiting to get healed. But his condition quickly took a turn for worse. Sadly, he would die just a few weeks later…

Patrick’s grieving sister couldn’t believe that a simple headache would lead to his *****; thus, she posted his story on social media as a tribute to him as well as warning to others to take care of their health.

Photo credit: Jovelyn Mendoza Maniebo / Facebook

“Health is Wealth!” Jovelyn Mendoza Maniebo wrote, before detailing exactly what happened to her brother Patrick.

In the post, Jovelyn indicated that the family works at the same place which turned out to be a factory in South Korea.

Photo credit: Jovelyn Mendoza Maniebo / Facebook

On March 11, Patrick suffered from fever and headaches while hanging out at his girlfriend’s house; thus, he wasn’t able to go home at the time. The following day, he went home and was accompanied by Jovelyn to the doctor for a check-up.

The doctor injected Patrick with medication and also prescribed him with oral medicines. He was well enough to return to work the following day as well as the day after that.

Photo credit: Jovelyn Mendoza Maniebo / Facebook

On Thursday, he wasn’t able to work because he felt sick again. He refused to be taken to the hospital, saying it was just a simple headache. This sister and mother did not insist, knowing he would be very angry if they do that.

But on Friday, Patrick suffered from seizures at 12:45 PM. The family rushed him to the hospital where doctors hurried to stop the seizures with injections and various medications. Jovelyn felt pity for her brother, hugging him as the doctors gave him the injections.

Photo credit: Jovelyn Mendoza Maniebo / Facebook

As his condition worsened, he was placed in ICU. Tests showed that Patrick now suffers from encephalitis, with the inflammation caused by a virus he inhaled that went directly to his brain. The doctors were not sure where he got the infection but had to continue giving him injections to stop the seizures.

But while the injections helped stop the seizures from time to time, his kidneys and lungs were greatly affected. His body refused to accept the medications and his condition worsened each passing day.

On March 24, Patrick’s condition stabilized but he remained unconscious. The family thought he was out of danger but they were called back to the hospital on March 27 because he suffered from cardiac arrest. Efforts to revive him failed, even if the staff tried for an hour.

Photo credit: Jovelyn Mendoza Maniebo / Facebook

Shocked that the ‘simple’ headache would later lead to Patrick’s *****, Jovelyn posted his story on Facebook. She encouraged everyone to regularly monitor their health and to not ignore even ‘simple’ symptoms like headaches because this might be a sign of a serious underlying medical condition.

Photo credit: Patrick Mendoza Maniebo / Facebook

Rest in peace, Patrick Maniebo.

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