Customer Wants to Meet in Manila Zoo to Take the Phone Seller on a Date

Gadgets are not only used for communication, they are also used now for entertainment and educational purposes. Every year, more and more smartphone companies are releasing new phones. People buy them not because they are useful but because they are now signs of social status.

This is why people would do anything and everything just to buy new smartphones.

Fortunately, purchasing them can help people earn a living. For this hardworking woman, selling these phones can earn her an income to support herself and her loved ones. But recently, she gets a weird proposition when she encountered a very suspicious customer.

Funny Encounter

Seller Sherlyn Mission Agos is a part of a large community on Facebook and sells her products to customers there. These items range from Korean face masks to real-estate properties but for Sherlyn, her bread and butter comes from selling smartphones for a lower price. Little did she know that she will encounter a difficult yet funny customer so she shared the screenshots of their hilarious exchange of conversation which got netizens laughing.

The man posed as a sure buyer of one of the preloved iPhone 6 units that she is actively selling. As a standard protocol, Sherlyn asked him where he would like to meet-up so they can finalize their transaction. But his response to her is surprising.

Of all places, the customer suggested that they meet up at Manila Zoo. For a veteran when it comes to online shopping, this destination is quite strange so Sherlyn asked “Manila Zoo?”

[Image Credit: Sherlyn Mission Agos / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Sherlyn Mission Agos / Facebook]

Wants More Than Just the Phone

It turns out that the buyer wants more than just the phone. He wanted to take her on a date to see the lions. Feeling uncomfortable, the phone seller kindly declined the offer, telling the man that she’s a busy person.

The man still tried to urge her to say yes but when he already knew that she’s firm with her decision, he irritatingly said that he’s not going to purchase the phone anymore.

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What can you say about this story? If this happens to you, what will you do?

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