Customer Steals the Donation Can Inside a Fast-Food Store

Robbery has been one of the most common types of crimes in different countries around the world. Thieves and robbers are taking different opportunities to taking advantage of other people to get money instantly.

Recently, they are becoming more creative. These crooks devised new ways on how they can earn easier money from hard working people’s pockets. The authorities are always advising the public to be more alert and vigilant of their surroundings to avoid falling victim by the different modus operandi of criminals.

One of the most recent modus is the stealing of donation cans in convenience stores.

[Image Credit: Master Henyo / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Master Henyo / Facebook]

Caught on Camera

Recently, a video of a male customer stealing the donation can from the unidentified store went viral. In the said video caught on CCTV, the man was at first transacting with the cashier. He was trying to ask the crew regarding their menu and can be seen pointing at different items on their food list.

[Image Credit: Master Henyo / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Master Henyo / Facebook]
This is when he saw the donation can inside the store.

When the cashier gets a little busy, the suspect took this as an opportunity to steal the donation can. He hid it under the paper bag he is holding and walked away from the store as if nothing really happened.

[Image Credit: Master Henyo / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Master Henyo / Facebook]

Angered Netizens

Netizens were furious after watching the video since the donation can is meant to be given to those in need.

Ay kwawa ka nman kuya..pati donation box pinatulan mo..d kna may pupuntahan yang tinngay mo sa mga batang may ******..tsk tsk ang porma mo kwatan k pla

Matindi ah pati donation box pinatos normal nman lahat sa kanya wala nman syang diperensya bat kya ayaw nitong maghanap ng trabaho.

Tindi ng pangangailangan ni kuya sa halip na maglagay sa donation box tinangay pa he he he dapat ihingi ng abuloy yang **** yan.

Watch the video here:

Posted by Master Henyo on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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