Construction Worker Graduates as Valedictorian, Earns Praise for Diligence

Life wasn’t easy for Michael Español whose parents work at a factory in Manila but this young man proved that hard work can help you find success as he graduates valedictorian from a school in Mangaldan, Pangasinan.

Michael’s father works as messenger, earning just Php10,000 a month; his mother’s income depends on how many clothes she completes as dressmaker at the factory. To help his parents make ends meet, Michael did not hesitate to take on tasks as a construction worker.

According to Michael, he earns around Php250 per day in odd jobs as construction worker, like carrying hollow blocks to the older workers or putting and gravel inside cement sacks. He said that he works as construction worker to lessen his parents’ burden as much as possible.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News / YouTube

But aside from helping them financially, Michael has been making his parents proud with his performance in school since elementary. He has received multiple awards and has a long line of medals hanging from a beam at their house.

This year, he adds a couple medals more as he graduates valedictorian from Gueguesangen Integrated School. The young man was also the supreme student government president of the school but he was surprised to learn that he graduates at the top of his class.

He admitted that he has his fair share of bashers, people who didn’t believe he can do it but he just shrugs them off. In an interview, he advises other young people to ignore the haters and bashers; telling them to focus instead on their goals.

Right now, Michael is trying to apply for scholarships so he can study in college with the course of BS Accountancy.

We hope you find that scholarship soon, Michael! You definitely deserve it.

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