‘Coming Home’: After months of painting, Solenn finishes her masterpiece

Actress Solenn Heussaff has finished her painting “Coming Home”, after spending several months while working on it.

On Instagram, Heussaff uploaded a photo of her with her finished artwork.

“After months, I am done with my #ComingHome painting. #SolennArt,” she shared.

A lot of Instagram users were amazed of the actress’ masterpiece, leaving good comments on the post.

“One great piece of artwork,” @mark_bordeaux commented.

“Wow! That is amazing!” said @chingkee_0212.

“Ohh my heart, it’s so lovely! God bless you, Solenn,” @zhirex24 expressed.

“Those details! What a piece of great work of art,” wrote @belleadem.

@au.paulino even called her a female version of national artist Fernando Amorsolo.

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