Christopher de Leon in ICU a Month after Getting Hit by Blank Bullet While Taping ‘Kambal Karibal’

Award-winning actor Christopher ‘Boyet’ de Leon is fighting for his life, in real life, a month after getting hit by a supposedly blank bullet while taping for the GMA 7 teleserye ‘Kambal Karibal’.

During his last taping day for the teleserye, Boyet was acting out a scene wherein Marvin Agustin’s character was trying to kill him but the supposedly blank bullet used for the taping failed. He was hit by the blank bullet’s wax or powder near the groin.

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Thinking that he only sustained a bruise from the failed bullet, Boyet did not get himself checked at the hospital. He even traveled to Marawi afterwards but after suffering from extreme pain, he finally got rushed to the hospital where doctors told him he needs to undergo an operation immediately.

Boyet and his family were informed by the doctors that his condition would have been worse if he was hit a little bit higher; such could have led to his untimely *****.

This happened in the middle of last month. They first thought that the operation was successful but Boyet was rushed to Asian Hospital last Tuesday after falling unconscious, reported PhilStar.

After undergoing a series of tests, the doctors at Asian Hospital determined that he is currently suffering from blood infection which has to be treated immediately or else it could spread quickly to the rest of his body.

Boyet was placed in ICU so the doctors could monitor him better. He might also undergo another surgical operation to save his life.

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Sandy Andolong, Boyet’s wife, is inconsolable as she cries in fear of her husband’s life. The family was shocked that after nearly four decades in the show business, this would happen to Boyet.

We are one with the family in praying for Boyet’s life. Get well soon!

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