Bus Driver **** From Cardiac Arrest Due to Allegedly Working For 1 Month Without Rest Days

You can feel different emotions after working for nine hours a day: you may feel tired and lifeless. There are times that you are frustrated after dealing with problem customers or colleagues. Sometimes, you feel accomplished, especially if you are recognized for a job well done.

After a week of working hard, it is best to de-stress and have fun during your rest day. However, what if you will not be given any day off?

[Image Credit: Roip Euman / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Roip Euman / Facebook]

What’s the Reason?

This is what happened to a bus driver of a provincial company in the country. This driver allegedly died from overwork after working for the entire month without any day off.

The driver’s brother-in-law named Roip Euman shared the story on how the bus driver died after working for the entire month without taking some rest. Euman explained that his brother-in-law suffered from cardiac arrest while he was inside the bus where he was sleeping. This led to his tragic *****.

The bus driver was also allegedly sleeping inside the bus since he doesn’t have enough time to rest, leading to his untimely *****.

The Company’s Response

According to Euman, the bus company only paid P10,000 for the deceased driver. They also refused to pay or help with the payment of his burial cost. They explained that this is because he was still new to the company.

The concerned brother-in-law also lamented that the bus company allegedly did not help them for the fast return of the victim’s remain from Avenida, Manila to Bataan.

The reason why he did not have any rest day is yet to be confirmed. However, since he didn’t have time to rest, he failed to see his two children graduate. He also did not have enough time to see and play with his 1-year old baby.

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What can you say about this? What do you think are the benefits that the family should get from the bus company?

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