Bus Conductor Embarrasses a Family Since They Don’t Have Enough Money for the Bus Fare

One of the most popular modes of transportation in the country is buses. If you live in Manila, riding a bus is one of the most convenient and cheapest ways to go around the city.

What makes buses in the country unique is that there is a conductor inside the bus who collects the fare, unlike other countries like Taiwan, Japan, South Korea or Hong Kong.

[Image Credit: ABS-CBN News / Youtube]
[Image Credit: ABS-CBN News / Youtube]

In Hot Water

A bus ticket collector is facing a complaint from one of their passengers after allegedly receiving harassment or derogatory statements from the conductor. This incident happened on a Diamond Star bus.

The passenger named Melanie Villafranca took a video of the bus ticket collector named Ronald Insiong while he is having an argument with her. According to the passenger, he allegedly raised his voice to Villafranca who rode the bus together with her three children.

The family is heading home to Quezon City after they dropped their father at the airport.

The passenger narrated that she pleaded for her two younger children to sit on her lap as their money is not enough to pay for the fair.

Sabi niya ‘Ay hindi, ang lalaki ninyo’… Napahiya ako at di ako mapakali. Naghihintay ako ng chance na makausap siya in a nice way pero di siya natinag. Pinapahiya niya kami.

[Image Credit: ABS-CBN News / Youtube]
[Image Credit: ABS-CBN News / Youtube]

No Refund

Due to embarrassment, they requested to get their money back and get off the bus, but the conductor refused to refund them as they are already given a ticket.  This prompted them to ask help from the mobile patrol of EDSA-Ayala police. While they are inside the precinct, the ticket collector denied to give any statement.

The bus company promised to investigate about the whole incident. According to a representative, they are willing to apologize to the Villafranca family.

Meanwhile, the mother is firm in her decision to file a case against the offender.

[Image Credit: ABS-CBN News / Youtube]
[Image Credit: ABS-CBN News / Youtube]
Watch the video here:


Message to Bus Operators

LTFRB Board Member Atty. Aileen Lizada also confirmed that if the child passenger is 1 meter and below, the parents or guardian does not need to pay their fare.

[Kapag] 1 meter and below [ang pasahero], libre, puwedeng ikalong. [Kapag] 1.3 and up half-fare, seated. “Hindi kayo ang magsasabi na okay sa anak ko na nakakalong. It is government who says…’Yung ire-refund niyo lang po ay ‘yung balanse, ‘yung distance na hindi niyo na-travel.

The group also encourages bus operators to put a sign for the heigh limit in the bus’ entrance and to follow a tariff if a refund is needed.

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