American Family Calls Themselves as Filipinos, Their Kids Love Crispy Fried Galunggong

An American family calls themselves as Filipinos, even if their papers and appearance clearly scream ‘foreigners!’ Their story recently went viral, with many Filipinos welcoming them to the community and saying they are the opposite to those Pinoys who wish to live in the US.

The Folkmans had been living in the Philippines since 2009, starting when their dad had to relocate for his job from Seattle to Manila. While the family’s eldest boy was born in the US and spent some time there, the kids only know life in the Philippines and have deep appreciation of the Filipino culture.

Photo credit: Amber Folkman / Smart Parenting

The three boys also love Filipino food, know how to speak Filipino, and have deep appreciation of the Filipino culture.

Photo credit: Amber Folkman / Smart Parenting

Never would have I ever thought my sons’ preferred meals would be galunggong fried to a crisp with a heaping pile of rice, AND eating it with their hands, the Pinoy way!” Amber Folkman wrote.

My son requested for his birthday meal to be galunggong,” she revealed. Who wants galunggong for a birthday meal? This boy is more Filipino than many Filipinos! Cute.

According to Amber, their life in Manila is the exact opposite of her childhood at a town in a valley located between two mountains in Northern California where malls are an hour away. But she thinks it is part of the ‘magic’ of living abroad.

Photo credit: Amber Folkman / Instagram @amommabroad

Besides having an endless summer, the best mangoes in the world and the most fun modes of transportation, the Philippines is where my boys have learned valuable life lessons that I hope will guide them through the rest of their lives,” she wrote in a post for Smart Parenting.

She also loves the Filipino culture of treating everyone as part of the family, even if they are just friends or even neighbors and yayas. According to her, this helped the family especially because they live so far away from their blood relatives.

Photo credit: Amber Folkman / Instagram @amommabroad

Since my boys were born and raised in the Philippines (minus one year for my eldest son), I have declared them Fil-Am. We may not have the passport to prove it, but they have the heart of the Filipino, and they are better for it,” she declared.

Isn’t that heartwarming?

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