Unpleasant Surprise: Chocolate Drink Smells Foul So They Decided to Check The Contents

Eating leftovers is a good way to plan meals and avoid wasting food. However, from the last scraps of a birthday feast to the last serving of your favorite delicacy, everything has a shelf life. In the absence of expiration dates, especially if we are talking about viands, sometimes it takes a little culinary detective work to tell if the food has seen better days.

Taking a look, smelling, and touching are easy ways to tell if the food has gone bad. Though it is not very pretty to look at, a mold is probably the easiest way to tell if it is time toss the food away.

A video of a spoiled chocolate drink has recently gone viral. This is another proof that before you let your child drink something out of a box, you should always check the container first.

[Image Credit: Clare Villanueva / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Clare Villanueva / Facebook]

Check the Container First

In a series of photos and videos, Facebook user Clare Villanueva warned netizens, especially parents. According to her, her nieces and nephews were excited to drink a famous chocolate drink but when they shook the container, they noticed that it heavy and looked like it was about to explode. The container smells foul too.

Since she read a similar case on Facebook as well, she did not allow the children to drink it. To determine what makes the container smell foul and spoiled, they decided to check what’s inside. When they opened the container, they noticed large clumps of materials that look like a combination of rotten eggs and paper. The color of the drink is different too.

[Image Credit: Clare Villanueva / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Clare Villanueva / Facebook]
Watch the video here and be warned:

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Posted by Clare Villanueva on Friday, March 23, 2018


There is no feedback from the manufacturers yet regarding the case. This is an awareness for parents to check everything first before you allow your children to drink or eat anything, especially those coming in boxes or containers.

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