Expectation vs Reality: Unappealing Wedding Gown Almost Ruined the Future Bride’s Big Day

Your big day is finally here and you got everything well-planned. From the reception to the party to the guest list and the entourage, everything is all set. The food is prepared, the transportation is organized, your make-up is looking great.. but what if something unexpected happened before your wedding day?

Every bride’s worst nightmare is something happening to her wedding dress. A clumsy guest spilling wine on it or you accidentally damaged a part of your dress during the reception, there are many things that could make a bride burst into tears quickly. However, what will you do if the wedding dress problem happens a few days before your wedding? Will you still be inspired to continue with the big day? This is the same question that the bride in Kassy Luciano’s story asked herself when the wedding gown designer almost ruined her wedding.

Different Outcome

According to Kassy, her friend’s sister paid for her wedding gown in full November last year, expecting that it will be finished by February 2018. However, other than receiving the gown later than the date they talked about, the bride faced the biggest nightmare in her life: the designer, Shiela G. Jacinto of Flordeliza’s House of Bridal, did not follow the design they talked about. After paying P20,000 for the gown, what she received is a wedding dress that looks like it’s only worth P350.

[Image Credit: Kassy Luciano / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Kassy Luciano / Facebook]
Other than the wedding gown, the designer also made the gowns for the whole entourage. The result is similar to the main dress: the color of lace used is wrong. When the couturier replaced it, she did not check whether the cuts were even or not.

[Image Credit: Kassy Luciano / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Kassy Luciano / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Kassy Luciano / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Kassy Luciano / Facebook]

Same Experience

After Kassy shared her friend’s sister’s experience to warn everyone, especially future brides, in choosing their suppliers, there are some users who said they had a similar experience with the same dressmaker.

Read the story here:

BEWARE WHEN CHOOSING SUPPLIERS FOR YOUR WEDDING. My friend's sister paid in full last Nov 2017 for her wedding gown…

Posted by Kassy Luciano on Monday, March 5, 2018


We tried searching for the shop’s Facebook page to reach out to the couturier and ask for her side of the story but we cannot see any pages link to the store. If the shop owner can read this article, Definitely Filipino is open to hearing your side as well.

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