Two Women Assault and Threaten a 12-Year-Old Girl Inside McDonald’s

A viral video is now making waves on Facebook as a woman slaps a girl while another one threatens her inside McDonald’s.

The most popular business phrase that the customer is always right is still a hot debate. We’ve all heard of stories of companies and employees going to ridiculous and out-of-this-world lengths just to meet the customer’s needs and demands.

[Image Credit: Kris Jones / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Kris Jones / Facebook]

Customers Are Not Always Right

Are there times when it is better to inform the customer that they are wrong and the business cannot meet their needs? Yes! In fact, some owners believe that treating the customers as if they are always right can be harmful to the business. It can decrease your employee’s moral, use your resources, and even hurt the feelings of your best and loyal customers.

However, it looks like these women failed to remember that a customer is not always right when they created a commotion in a famous fast food chain.

[Image Credit: Kris Jones / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Kris Jones / Facebook]

Viral Video

In a Facebook video released by a user named Kris Jones, it shows a younger woman (wearing white) hitting another person. According to Jones, the victim of the assault is a 12-year-old girl. The other woman (in black) continuously threatened the victim.

Gusto mo maulit? Sagot! Gusto mo maulit? Baka pag ako sumapak jan (mumbling)

The incident happened inside McDonald’s San Joaquin in Pasig City. The manager and the crew tried pacifying the older woman. In the said video, it can be seen that the manager used his body to stop the woman while the service crew covered the younger girl.

[Image Credit: Kris Jones / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Kris Jones / Facebook]

Unhappy Netizens

Netizens are not happy after seeing the viral video.

Watch the viral video here:


After the fast food restaurant’s staff tried stopping her from taking further action, the older woman, together with her companion, stepped out of McDonald’s. It is still unknown why the older woman hit the younger girl.

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