Salute to These Officers: TPLEX Patrols Help a Family Fix Their Car Problem Without Asking For Anything in Return

Each day, there are thousands of police and traffic officers who leave their homes and families behind to go to work. They do not have any idea what they will encounter that day. It may just be an ordinary boring day or they could also experience a life-threatening situation. But one thing is important: these officers are here to serve and protect citizens.

Their job may involve arresting people and fighting crimes, but their main priority is to be the protector of the community. The job is not necessarily just giving tickets to traffic offenders or catching criminals. These officers serve all kinds of functions in the community. There are times that they go beyond their call of duty to help people, even if they are a complete stranger.

This was the case when Officer Jose Rosario Capuno helped a family when they experienced a car trouble.

Good Samaritans

Out of gratitude to the honest officers, Bev Ayan Aipilo shared her wonderful experience dealing with them. According to her, while they were driving along TPLEX (Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway), their car broke down. A deputy officer of LTO (Land Transportation Office) named Jose Rosario Capuno asked them what the problem is.

After telling the officer the issue, they were expecting that he will call a tow truck or issue a ticket. But what Officer Capuno and his crew did next is unexpected: they helped them fix the issue!

[Image Credit: Bev Ayan Aipilo / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Bev Ayan Aipilo / Facebook]

More Than Just Helping

The kind officer even told them that he will not call a tow truck since it’s a waste of money. Instead, they can use the money to buy something to eat or for groceries. While fixing the car problem, Bev’s husband tried giving him PHP1,000 to buy some snacks for him and his group but he refused it. According to the officer, they are just doing their job.

After 30 minutes, they noticed that the kids are drenched in sweat. Officer Capuno did not hesitate and ask the kids to move to their vehicle.

First time ko mka experience ng may mga enforcer na totoo ang malasakit at npakabuting tao sya po c sir JOSE ROSARIO CAPUNO at ng kanyang team #LTOPangasinan sa mga kina uukolan itong tao n ito ang dpat po mabigyan ng promotion or salary increase. para sulit ang pera ng taong bayan! LODI kita sir jose!

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Kung hei fat choi! Habang binabaktas nmin ang kahabaan ng TPLEX hindi inaasahan n masiraan kami bago mag puzzorubio…

Posted by Bev Ayan Aipilo on Thursday, February 15, 2018


Salute to Officer Capuno and his team! You deserve more than just recognition. You are an inspiration!

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