This Guy Forgets to Turn Off Camera’s Flash While ‘Secretly’ Filming Girl’s Pretty Legs

These days, people can do a lot of things using their smartphones; anything from the taking photos to browsing the internet to paying bills through online banking.

Sometimes, though, there are people who use their smartphones to cheat on their sweethearts, steal other people’s identity and money, or take photos and videos with malicious intent.

Photo credit: Robin_Deepthi / YouTube

One guy went viral for seemingly taking a video of another commuter’s pretty legs but the girl was brave and quickly told him off, pointing out that his camera’s flash was on. Ooooops.

The unnamed guy appeared innocent, really, as he discreetly angled his phone to look like he’s just holding it but based on the position of his phone, he could actually be pointing the camera towards the girl’s legs.

Photo credit: Robin_Deepthi / YouTube

At one point, he even raised the phone to her face as he pretended to yawn and look really bored. So far, so good? Well, not really because he had forgotten to turn off the flash on the camera; thus, the girl quickly realized what he was doing.

How would you react in such a situation? I’m not actually sure what I would have done but this girl was brave enough to point out the guy’s actions.

Kuya, baka gusto mong tanggalin yung flash,” she said.

Photo credit: Robin_Deepthi / YouTube

Realizing he was caught red-handed, the man quickly turned off the camera – and if looks could kill, the girl would have been **** at that very instant. But we’re glad this had a good ending; we’re glad the guy just shrugged off the accusation, stopped filming, and didn’t say anything or do anything to the girl. Whew!

Photo credit: Robin_Deepthi / YouTube

Some netizens think he wasn’t filming the girl, though, but could have turned on the phone’s flashlight by mistake. Hmmmm. Do you think that’s the case? Watch this video and tell us what you think:

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