The Reason Nadine Lustre Got Pulled Out of Jun Lana’s Film ‘The Nurse’

One of the most popular stars of the generation, Nadine Lustre, was supposed to star in the horror film entitled “The Nurse” together with Lorna Tolentino. However, it seems that she has been pulled out of the movie.

Moving On

The movie’s director, Director Jun, revealed the news through his Twitter account last March 26. In his response to a netizen’s question, he wrote: #SorryNotHappening #MovingOn.

Another Twitter user also asked Direk Jun to clarify. He pointed out that Nadine will no longer be a part of the horror flick due to scheduling problems.

Scheduling conflict. Been waiting too long and it’s taken too much of my time. Going to Japan 2x to prep is no joke. Time to move and let go and recast. Thanks for the interest, guys.

His Film, His Rules

After answering the fans’ questions, Direk Jun followed this up by posting:

My film. My rules.

The popular actress is supposed to star in this horror film that also features veteran actress Lorna Tolentino. This will be produced by the IdeaFirst Company.

The Nurse is set to be filmed in Japan, a country which is popular not only for its beautiful place but also for making scary films, thanks to its locations. Many popular scary movies such as The Ring series, The Grudge, and One Missed Call originated from the Land of the Rising Sun.

[Image Credit: pxhere]
[Image Credit: pxhere]

Who is Direk Jun Lana?

Direk Jun Lana is the talented actor behind several critically acclaimed films that earned recognition abroad including Die Beautiful that starred Paolo Ballesteros. His latest film was the Angelica Panganiban-Judy Ann Santos film Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes.

He confirmed that The Nurse is finally happening last January 2018. After confirmation, a lot of Nadine’s fans got excited, since it’s been a long time that she filmed a horror movie.

[Image Credit: Regal Films / Youtube]
[Image Credit: Regal Films / Youtube]
As of writing, there is no confirmation yet on who will replace the teen star.

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