Take a Look on The Big Changes With Sharon Cuneta’s daughter Sophia Pangilinan After She Lost a Lot of Weight

[Image Credit: Sharon Cuneta / Instagram]

Sharon Cuneta’s daughters are recently taking the spotlight. The recent breakup of KC and Ali became a talk of the town because of their support for each other. Frankie also wowed everyone with her very beautiful prom dress. Now, you will be surprised to see that the youngest daughter, Miel, is all grown up too! You will also be inspired by how she is losing weight at an early age.

Mariel Daniella Sophia Pangilinan, who was nicknamed Miel when she was a kid, now prefers to be called Sophia. She is the latest celebrity kid to embark on a fitness journey.

[Image Credit: Sharon Cuneta / Instagram]
[Image Credit: Sharon Cuneta / Instagram]

Dieting Since She Was 12

Sophia has been dieting for seven months, when she was still 12 years old, and so far, she lost 35 pounds. Sharon cannot believe and was so proud of her daughter’s fitness journey.

Currently, Sophia is undergoing a doctor-supervised diet program. She still has a bit more to lose, according to the Mega Star. We can’t wait to see more of her progress.

[Image Credit: Sharon Cuneta / Instagram]
[Image Credit: Sharon Cuneta / Instagram]

OMG. My pride is overflowing… it’s taken this girl of mine 7 months from the time she was 12 until now that she is 13 to lose 35 lbs. on her doctor-supervised diet program!

And she has just a teeny-tiny bit left na lang to lose. Wait for her.

She’ll take your breath away when she comes out in public and performs! When? Secret pa..!!!

I am so proud of you, my Sophia!!! Way to go Yellie!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mama loves you soooooooo much!!!

Showcasing Her Other Talent

Not only is she losing a lot of weight, Sophia is also gaining recognition for her talent in singing. In case you haven’t heard, this 13-year-old young lady performed Harry Stiles’ Sign of the Times. Just like her older sisters KC and Frankie, she also has a very beautiful voice.

Catch one of her performance here:



Weight is considered an aspect of bullying. With many children being bullied because of their weight, Sophia’s fitness journey is really commendable.