Supportive Dad Earns Praise with Cool Dance Moves to Guide Daughter’s On-stage Performance

A lot of dads feel a little bit shy when it comes to attending their children’s school activities. They would rather stay in the sidelines than receive a lot of attention from the other parents.

But one ‘macho’ dad didn’t mind what the other parents might say about him as he danced to the hula music his daughter was performing in.

Photo credit: Cristina Santos Antinero / Facebook

The unnamed dad went all-out in his dance moves, making sure his daughter follows his moves. But while most people were focused at first on the girls’ performance on stage, this dad unknowingly upstaged his kid because the other parents and audience were amused with his performance.

Photo credit: Cristina Santos Antinero / Facebook

Cristina Santos Antinero shared the video of the performance on her Facebook account. Many were quite impressed by this dancing dad, saying he is one of the most supportive ‘stage dads’ they knew.

Cheers to this cool dad who doesn’t mind shaking his booty to the hula dance. He probably didn’t think the other parents would notice as they were focused on watching the kids…

Photo credit: Cristina Santos Antinero / Facebook

Check out his, errrrr, performance for the talent show here:

Kakatuwang panoorin ang tatay na ganito kasupportive lalo n sa mga activities ng kanilang anak#spreadthegoodvibes

Posted by Cristina Santos Antinero on Friday, March 9, 2018

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