‘Skin-and-Bones’ OFW Told by Agency to Escape from Hospital, Gets Rescued but **** a Few Days Later

Around the second week of February, the Filipino community expressed concern over the plight of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) stuck in Kuwait.

Identified in the Facebook post by a certain Gmg Bro Aart as Jeanette Opido, the OFW (real name Jeanette Plegaria) was already skin-and-bones for lack of food to eat and due to the ailment she is suffering from.

Jeanette alleged that a certain ‘Milady’, the secretary from her recruitment agency, instructed her to escape the hospital because they couldn’t pay for her bills. She was assured, rather sarcastically, that she’ll be able to go home if she ****, anyway.

She was rescued and brought to the hospital after the post went viral.

In a recent report on ABS-CBN News, however, it was revealed that Jeanette has died while waiting to be repatriated. We’re deeply saddened by this news.

According to the report, the OFW had been moved thrice from one employer to another by the agency. But she escaped from her last employer because she was left to starve and wasn’t given any food despite the heavy household work she was required to do.

Photo credit: Gmg Bro Aart / Facebook

Things got worse for Jeanette when she got sick and had to undergo an operation but the agency refused to pay for her medical bills. Instead, she was told to escape, putting her into deeper trouble. Her medical condition worsened and she had very little food to eat because she no longer had a job; thus, her body became skin-and-bones when she was finally rescued.

Her documents have been processed and she was set to be among those who would be returning him but she died on February 28 while still in Kuwait.

Photo credit: DA Arnell Ignacio OFW Page / Facebook

Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Silvestre Bello III promised to conduct an investigation regarding Jeanette’s case. We sure hope justice will be served for her…

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