Premonition? Girl Writes Letter to BF Before Dying of Heart Attack, He Receives it a Month Later

Just a few days ago, we read the heartbreaking letter of a guy whose girlfriend passed away. He wrote her a letter on Facebook, hoping to ease his pain while also saying goodbye to her.

But recently, another letter will make break your heart – it was written by a girl, addressed to her boyfriend, just before she died of a heart attack. Was that premonition on her part? Sadly, he received it a month later…

According to blog Pinoy Thinking, Leomar Tolentino of Bulacan had tried to recruit his crush, Julie Ann Dasilao to a networking business he was in back in 2014. She declined.

Photo credit: Leomar Tolentino / Facebook

But while she didn’t join his team, this was the opening he needed to court her. They would soon become a couple.

Their relationship wasn’t perfect, just like everyone else’s relationships really, but they were happy. Sadly, Julie Ann died of a heart attack last January 24. As expected, Leomar had a difficult time accepting the reality of her *****. On the first day of her wake, he had to leave because he couldn’t bear seeing her inside the coffin.

On Valentine’s Day, he bought her some flowers. He admitted that this was the first time he’s given her flowers because he was shy about buying some for her in the past; sadly, she wouldn’t be able to see the flowers now.

Photo credit: Leomar Tolentino / Facebook

He bought the flowers, anyway, and took these to her grave.

Photo credit: Leomar Tolentino / Facebook

But weeks later, Leomar received something from Julie Ann’s mother: a letter she found in her late daughter’s drawer, addressed to Leomar. Julie Ann said she wrote the letter just in case something unexpected happened to her; there was no date on the letter but it could have been written just days before her *****.

Photo credit: Leomar Tolentino / Facebook

Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

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