Photo of a Handicapped Man Riding At the Back of a PUJ Goes Viral

Jeepneys are unique in the Philippines. They are kings of the road in the country. It may also be one of the most exciting public means of transport in Southeast Asia.

Like other public transportation in the world, elderly, pregnant women, and people with disability should be given priority when riding a jeepney. We even have Senate Bill No. 1367, also known as the Priority Seating for the Elderly Act, that protects people with special needs.

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

Controversial Picture

After seeing the controversial picture of a handicapped man, people on social media are furious. A concerned citizen took photos of a man on crutches who hitched a ride at the back of a jeepney.

Akala ko priority ang PWD?😡😢walang konsenysa yung driver at pasahero.wala man lang naka pansin kay kuya😢

One wrong move and you can easily come flying off the public utility jeepney but by looking at the photos, the handicapped man seems not concerned about what may happen to him. The Facebook user expressed his disapproval of the driver as well as the passengers who did not give their seats to the man. According to him, another person talked to the driver about the situation since there are still unoccupied seats inside.

Salamat pala kay kuyang naka blue para sitahin ang driver na pa upuin sa likod ang pwede pa pala ma upuan.😢😤

[Image Credit: John Lourenze Wong / Facebook]
[Image Credit: John Lourenze Wong / Facebook]

Mixed Reactions From Netizens

A lot of users are not very happy after seeing the photos. Some of them are agitated since those inside the jeepney did not offer their seats to the person with a disability.

There are also others who believe that there might be a different story behind the controversial photo. A user thinks that the handicapped man is probably one of the people who ride on public utility vehicles and asks for spare change.

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