Fake News or Not? Viral Story About Two Alleged Kidnappers in Green Forbes City

Over the years, there are headlines flooded with stories of kidnapping. Many of these stories are horrifying and can be very hard to believe. Although there are many victims who luckily were able to go back to their families, others were sadly killed by their captors. Several of these famous kidnapping schemes target rich families or selling the children to childless families.

Just recently, there were three kidnappers who were nabbed in Tuguegarao after an entrapment operation proved that they are kidnapping children for ransom. If they cannot get the amount that they want, they are offering the kidnapped children to internal organ harvesters on the black market. Kidnapping of children for harvesting their internal organs is rampant in several locations in the Philippines.


Alleged Kidnappers

The Facebook post shared by a netizen is now viral on Facebook. In this post, the user shared that two alleged kidnappers were apprehended in Green Forbes City, Trece Martinez, Cavite. It includes photos of the alleged suspects, a man and a woman, who were driving around the area in a white van.

[Image Credit: Trending News Viral / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Trending News Viral / Facebook]
According to the netizen, the woman carries multiple sets of IDs and hides behind different identities to successfully execute her criminal ways. The security guards of Green Forbes City became suspicious of the two suspects when they entered and exited the premises of the subdivision at least four times in a day. The two alleged kidnappers provided opposing reasons and refused the allegations.

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Case of Fake News?

Although the Facebook user hopes to warn parents as well as guardians to take extra measures to ensure the safety of their children, there were comments saying that this is a case of fake news. Another user named Kath Trina Mhaldita states that the two are operating a van for rent business. There are also people who were saying that they know the two people personally and they are not kidnappers.

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Whatever the situation is, this is a warning to everyone that we should always be on high alert and be mindful of our surroundings. If you smell something fishy, report it to the police immediately. As a social media user, check the post first for credibility before commenting or sharing.