Must Watch: Smart Dog Rides a Jeepney to Reach Fairview

Anyone who owns a dog knows that this man’s best friend is an animal of high intelligence. A dog’s intelligence is associated with their trainability or ability to memorize your commands and connection with you.

Most breeds can take on specific duties: for dogs in other countries, some keep sheep while there are others that can assist during hunt. In the Philippines, some can dance to the beat and there are others who can flaunt their clothes during fashion shows.

However, this aspin or asong Pinoy is taking the social media by storm because of its intelligence. Why is it catching the attention of people? Let’s see why.

Intelligent Dog

Facebook user Jaypee Barcelinia shared a series of photos of videos of a dog in Quezon City. While riding a jeepney, he was surprised to see the dog running after the vehicle as if it wanted to ride it. According to Jaypee, the owner of the dog is not in the jeepney.

Punta daw po sya Fairview. Sideline conductor daw muna sya la daw sya pera.

[Image Credit: Jaypee Barcelinia / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Jaypee Barcelinia / Facebook]
Several of the passengers were surprised to see the dog. Even if the jeepney driver tried stopping several times to accommodate the “passenger,” the dog only wanted to ride the jeepney if it will hop on it.

After several failed attempts, the dog successfully rode the jeepney.

[Image Credit: Jaypee Barcelinia / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Jaypee Barcelinia / Facebook]

Looking For the Owner

Since the dog is alone, netizens started looking for the owner. Several people left comments and screenshots that a certain Makmak Oxima is the owner of the said dog.

According to Makmak, their dog left them last New Year. Due to the noise and fireworks, it went outside their house and they were not able to see it ever since.

Whoever can see this dog, please let the owner know.

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Kung sino man may ari ng asong to, punta daw sya fairview 😂 Sideline conductor daw muna sya la daw sya pera 😂Ps : Di…

Posted by Jaypee Barcelinia on Monday, March 26, 2018

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