A Mother Shares How Sudden Infant ***** Syndrome Took the Life of Her Baby

Sudden Infant ***** Syndrome (SIDS) is an unexplained ***** that usually happens to a baby who is less than a year old as he or she is sleeping. SIDS is known as crib ***** since infants often die in their cribs.

The cause of SIDS is unknown, but it appears that it might be associated with defects in the portion of a baby’s brain that controls his breathing and arousal from sleep. It is the leading cause of ***** among babies who are 1 month to 1 year old.

In the Philippines alone, SIDS claims the lives of almost 2,500 babies every year, making it the leading cause of infant deaths. Other than this, there are up to 2,000 sudden unexpected infant deaths caused by accidents or suffocation during sleep in a year.

[Image Credit: Barnes Estrada / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Barnes Estrada / Facebook]

Sudden Infant ***** Syndrome

This is the case that a Facebook user, Barnes Estrada, shared to everyone.

According to Barnes, she gave birth to her son last July 3, 2017. They were scheduled to go back to the Philippines for baptism, but unfortunately, something unexpected happened.

Last February 28, around two in the morning, the mother woke up to go to the bathroom when she felt that something is wrong. She checked her son and noticed that the baby is no longer moving. She woke up her husband immediately and when they turned on the lights, they noticed that the baby’s face is very pale.

No Immediate Response

Barnes’ husband called the police immediately to contact an ambulance. However, the ambulance arrived late. According to Barnes, although the police arrived, they just took photos of the baby and did not try to revive or take him to the hospital.

The doctors tried to revive the baby to no avail. Around 3:46 AM, her son was declared ****. This is the moment that the mother felt that she wants to disappear.

Kung pwede nga lang ako nalang sana yong nawala wag lang ikaw. Ang sakit2* tanggapin para sa akin na mawala ka kasi ako ang una at huli mong nakasama bago ka nawala. Nong hawak2* kita nong wala ka ng buhay parang ayaw na kitang ibalik sa mga doctor pero hindi pwede anak eh kailangan ka nila ma check para malaman nila yong reason bakit ka nawala. Pero bakit ganon anak? Pati yong mga doctor walang makita kung ano ang sanhi ng pagkamatay mo kaya nag decide ang mga pulis na i-autopsy ka para imbestigahan kung ano talaga ang sanhi.

Cause of *****

The police released the cause of ***** of the infant. According to the results, the infant died due to Sudden Infant ***** Syndrome.

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July 3, 2017 binigay ka samin ni lagnat hindi mo naranasan. Ang sakit lang para sa akin anak kasi 9 months kitang…

Posted by Barnes Estrada on Monday, March 5, 2018


This is a heartbreaking story that no parents would like to experience. We hope that Barnes and her family will soon find peace and serenity. We are praying for you and your baby in heaven.

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