Married OFW Falls for Chatmate, Realizes She’s a Scammer after Becoming Deep in Php1.5 Million Debt

People are social creatures. We crave comfort, we crave connections with other human beings. Even if we think we can survive far from our families to provide them the best life, loneliness has its way of eating at a person’s core.

This is the reason why so many overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) eventually have broken families because they couldn’t handle loneliness and end up seeking comfort from their new friends at their new home. Others turn to chatmates to pass time and have someone to talk to because they are on a different time zone from their families.

Photo credit: GMA Public Affairs / YouTube

One OFW in Saudi Arabia, Hector Bagul-Bagul, experienced this. While he can see and monitor his family back in the Philippines, thanks to the CCTV cameras connected at their home and restaurant, this only made him miss them more because he can see them but can’t touch or hug them.

During this lonely period, he met a woman named Rhea Isabelle Go whose profile shows a gorgeous and young Chinese lady. She claimed to be based in the US, the daughter of a businessman who owns several businesses in the Philippines.

Watch what happened as their friendship blossomed to ‘love’:

Thankfully, Hector’s wife forgave him and even launched her own investigation to help him get back his money and finally be at peace with what happened in Saudi.

But Hector felt disgusted with himself when they eventually found the scammer. The gorgeous young lady he had spent hours talking over the phone like ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ as he called it, turned out to be a 62-year-old woman!

After he took the matter to the barangay’s ‘lupon’, he found out she’s a habitual scammer. Check out what happened next:

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