Makati City Hall Engineer Gives P1,000 For Child Support and Leaves Millions of Debt To His Former Partner

The Philippines has conservative close family ties. With the modernization of the country comes changes with the families. As a result, there are families starting to separate, leaving single parents to tend to their children.

These single parents, majority are women, want to support their kids by providing them the best things that life can offer. But due to the limitations on their part, especially when balancing work in the office and tending to their children, there are situations that can be left helpless, forcing these parents to get in touch with their previous partners and demand for support.

It may sound like an easy task to do, but if your ex-partner is hard to talk to, the situation can turn to Misery 2.0. This is the kind of situation that a single mother, Janice Justiniano is into, leading her to ask help from public service host Raffy Tulfo and his Bantay sa Radyo team.

[Image Credit: News5Everywhere / Youtube]
[Image Credit: News5Everywhere / Youtube]

No Financial Support

During an interview with Raffy Tulfo, Janice revealed that her estranged partner is irregularly giving child support for their two children. Instead of giving enough money for their needs, the father is only handing P1000 or P500 whenever he wants.

Other than not providing for his kids, the father, Engineer Albert Gonzales who is working as an Engineer at the Makati City Hall, left millions of debt. During the time of their relationship, Janice became the guarantor for Albert’s loan when he’s still working on a project. Albert promised Janice that he will pay back and the project is his final straw to provide better child support. But after Albert left Janice, the woman is left to pay the debt, including the increasing interest.

[Image Credit: News5Everywhere / Youtube]
[Image Credit: News5Everywhere / Youtube]

No Response

According to Janice, she went to Albert’s office in Makati City Hall to give a demand letter since the latter is no longer responding but the city hall’s Central HR Officer did not help her. Without any choice, she went to the city hall’s Legal Department.

When she went to the Legal Department to file a case and seek legal advice, she was told that she needs to hire a private lawyer since the person being complained is a public servant. Because the poor mother doesn’t have money to pay for a private lawyer anymore, she asked Raffy’s help. Raffy promised to provide aid to the single mother by assisting her in talking to Chief Legal Michael Camina to demand for the benefits that she and her children deserve.

Although the situation is still ongoing and Janice still needs to meet with the Chief Legal, Raffy and the netizens are positive that she and her children will get the support and benefits that they deserve.

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What can you say about this situation? If you are in Janice’s shoes, what will you do?

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